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Episode 6:
Coming Home to Love & Friendship

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May 28, 2024

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Yennifer Pedraza

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💜🎙️ In this week’s episode, Grace Riordan shares her essay, “Coming Home to Love and Friendship” reflecting on a romantic betrayal and her deep appreciation for her friends and community, who helped her find solace and guided her through the turmoil. 

During our conversation, Grace opened up about the emotions she felt when confronting her partner about his deceitful behavior and the unconditional support she received from her friends. She shares how journaling has been a significant outlet for healing and growth as a writer. Grace emphasizes the importance of taking time to know oneself and prioritize self-care. Her time alone allowed her to figure out who she was and reaffirmed her deep appreciation for her friendships. She encourages everyone to prioritize their friendships and the importance of investing time and energy into our relationships.

Grace is a 26-year-old native Bostonian who loves to talk politics, gossip with friends, and journal her every thought. As a Cancer sun, she has a deep love of community and finds herself most at home when surrounded by close friends and family. This is her first time sharing a personal essay, though her writing can be found on HealthCity and in Commonwealth Magazine. She prides herself on being someone her friends turn to for advice and hopes to one day write her own advice column.

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