Episode 3:
Telling Elouise

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April 30, 2024

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Yennifer Pedraza

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A Note Before We Start: This content touches on childhood abuse, addiction, suicide, and gun violence. These are sensitive topics so please honor yourself as you move forward.

💜🎙️ In this week’s episode, Jennifer Inglis shares her essay, “Telling Elouise,” reflecting on her experience navigating the loss of her brother and sharing the news with her daughter.

During our conversation, Jennifer opened up about being faced with the responsibility of delivering the news to others while dealing with her own grief, and the decision to plan a funeral that honored her brother and raised awareness about suicide. Jennifer notes moments of regret, contemplating what could have been done differently, and emphasizing the urgent need for dialogue around mental health. Our conversation touches on the limited resources for men struggling with mental health, the role of gun control in suicide prevention, and the long-term value of open communication with children. 

Jennifer Inglis is a graduate of the 2022-2023 Essay Incubator and the 2021-2022 Memoir Generator, both through GrubStreet in Boston. She loves mysteries, podcasts, and travel, and lives in Salem, MA with her spouse, daughter, two cats, and a puppy. She works full-time supporting public libraries at the state level, and in her limited free time, plays board games, tries every independent donut she can find, and helps tourists find fun things to do when they visit her city.

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