Episode 1:
My mother's daughter

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April 16, 2024

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Yennifer Pedraza

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Note Before We Start: We form bonds with our biological mothers in the womb, but not everyone gets to develop that relationship. This might be a sensitive topic so please honor yourself as you move forward.

💜🎙️ In this week’s episode, Djofa Tavares shares her essay, “My Mother’s Daughter,” reflecting on her complicated mother-daughter relationship as she grapples with feelings of frustration and enduring love for her aging mother. Over the years, the distance between Djofa and her mother has remained, but there is an underlying love. 

During our conversation, Djofa shared her experience with her emotionally distant mother and its impact. She talked about how she handled the lack of emotional closeness with her parents by leaning into self-love and finding support from other women in her community. As she journeyed into motherhood, she discovered the significance of being open and attentive with her kids and putting herself first to shape the person she aspired to be, despite the challenges of her upbringing.

Djofa Tavares is a passionate advocate for Kriolu and Capeverdean culture. She's a writer and teacher of Social Sciences at Russell Elementary School in Dorchester, MA. She founded Kriolu Basics, offering online and in-person classes, and contributes as a copy editor and writer for Mili Mila LLC, focusing on preserving and promoting Cape Verdean Creole. In December 2022, Djofa published "Tiagu and Vovo," a dual language (English and Kriolu) children’s book to honor her heritage and to support the Kriolu language. Her upcoming projects include a memoir and a collection of dual-language poetry.

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